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When we embarked on our journey, our vision was not limited by what we could already do. We wanted to go a step beyond. And today, we have branched out to twelve different locations to make our services available to everybody.

In keeping with our mission to make our patients feel confident about our services, we have created an ambience built out of trust, assurance and reliance. With the quality of work that our professionals offer, we hope to enhance the lives of every person involved in achieving our mission to become the best dental hospital in the city.

Like the branches on a tree, we have grown in different directions, but our roots remain as one. Looking for a dentist near you? Our presence in nine different locations across the city gives our patients the advantage of consulting us anywhere and continuing the treatment at any location of their convenience.

Looking back at our twenty-year journey, we take pride in our growth and the trust that we have built with our patients. We acknowledge that the pursuit towards excellence is a journey and not the destination, and that aspires to give our patients the best dental care in the city.

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Dentist Tree was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.


Principal Dentist

Dr. Neeraj Panchal  completed his BDS from Government Dental college Mumbai in 1999 and has been focusing on his private practice ever since in his ISO certified dental clinic in India.
He has special expertise in smile designing treatment and is passionate about transforming patients’ personalities through smile makeover.
He has also completed certificate courses in Root canal Treatment, Dental surgeries  Cosmetic Dentistry and Complete Oral Rehabilitation  Orthodontics etc. He believes in ethical dental practice and is on the mission to create awareness about dental Health and hygiene by following the latest scientific research and market trends, education and work background.
To create a noticeable difference in the way the patient looks and feels is his top priority
There is a certain higher driving force behind Dr. Neeraj Panchal that compels him to be both the Chief dentist at his practice and an exceptional family man at home. You will see Dr. Panchal constantly on his toes sprinting from one end of his clinic to the other at all odd hours ensuring a constant flow of perfection. A  2 chair multispecialty dental practice, that boasts of successfully performing every Dental treatment under one roof, along with the latest’s in Dental technology and at affordable rates.

DR. Pallavi Ghodvaidya Kamat

Chief Dentist

Dr Pallavi a Super Woman by definition, successfully does the fine balancing act of being a devoted mom to her kid and a leading specialists in her field of dentistry. She is one of the top Dentist of Mumbai who has also specialized in Cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontist and Root canal Specialist.

Dr. Pallavi with her enigmatic and energetic personality is a constant driving force for all the Staff and fellow Dentists whom she shelters under her wings, constantly being a guiding light for them. Which is why Dentist tree Dental Clinic is at the pinnacle of success.

She pours her heart out in her work and devotes all her time and energy making sure each and every patient is cared for and receives only the best dental treatment available for them.

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    Copyright 2021 Dentist Tree. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2021 Dentist Tree. All rights reserved.